About Fancy Footwork


Fancy Footwork is about making children into much more than just skilled, competent dancers. 

 The physical benefits of a dance training are obvious: it helps pupils to increase their strength, stamina, flexibility, posture and coordination. But we are also firm advocates of helping even the smallest individuals achieve their potential. So, with parents' support, our professionals aim to make sure your child develops a set of transferable skills that will last a lifetime.

Fancy Footwork dance training teaches children to harness their passions and emotions; it teaches them the importance of commitment and perseverance in overcoming things they can't initially do; and how to work creatively, both in a group and on their own.

In preparing for class they learn the importance of grooming, while the structure of the lessons teaches them etiquette and how to overcome nerves as they wait their turn. Good preparation for exams and performances in later life. And in that vein this, we also offer them the opportunity to audition for respected organisations like the English Youth Ballet and London Children's Ballet. But there’s never any pressure, because everything takes place in a supportive, caring environment.