Class Descriptions


2+ Move to Music
The Movement to Music programme is the first step for our youngest pupils, and involves both the child and their parent/carer. At this stage children love music, moving and storytelling - so we harness that energy and curiosity to explore their imagination through basic principles of dance. Little ones need encouragement and the hands-on approach of a grown up until they have the strength to go solo. They progress at their own rate, moving up to the next level of difficulty as they get stronger.


Ballet technique is built on good posture, enabling young dancers to turn out their legs to achieve a full range and ease of movement. With the body correctly aligned they can then build a secure technique that enables them to move with grace, poise and accuracy. Consequently, ballet class works all the muscle groups, creating a strong, flexible body which can perform intricate series of steps with energy and expression.


FF Academy
The Academy is our associate programme where our most enthusiastic and dedicated dancers can study in greater depth. Classes are intended to prepare them for the study of ballet at vocational level. They also provide them with extra opportunities to perform.

Please note, Academy classes are by invitation only.